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my favorite mythical creature is...

                                                           Jubjub bird


Jubjub because it can camoflauge into everything and it is like a mutant chicken and it look.


what is you mythical creature?laugh

can you change fun to make it better

Can you change the word fun to a better word. The sentence with fun in is: You can feed the ducks all day long and that will be fun.


my last day at school when we break up for the holerdays

at school we did a eater egg hunt and I got a golden egg. Then we all handed in our eggs and then had a another play. Have a nice spring break everyone.



using commas

Today at school, we leant about  in math a method with adding.cheeky

When it was lunch, we had sandwiches out side.heart

in the morning , we did spagsmiley

Our new topic

Our new topic is ancient Greece and we read about the mystical creatures they believedangel.

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